Workforce Management (Includes Absence & Disability Management)

It is estimated that the direct cost of employee lost time and disability represents a cost burden of 14 to 17% of payroll, despite this excessive cost and liability most managers do not have the time or resources to effectively manage this.

We have a unique new product which is targeted at reducing the costs associated with managing employee time including scheduling and all forms of lost time by automating and streamlining the processes associated with managing and administrating all forms of relevant events, both internally and with third parties. This includes vacation, sick leave, short and long term disability, worker’s compensation, and any other time off.

The system provides for embedding of company policies, union contract and legislative provisions, as well as the parameters of scheduling and absence management programs. It will identify absence patterns and trends by a number of variables enabling and prompting effective intervention by management. Senior management can identify and monitor the results including costs and effectiveness of interventions for an individual business unit, work classification and make comparisons on an enterprise wide basis.

Other features include the management of time banks for all absences where they apply, as well as automated scheduling, and robust reporting capabilities.

In addition it provides many features of an HRIS including employee personal and contact information, employment status, job classification, department, and pay history, as well as education, training completed, and performance review tracking.