Organization Effectiveness
(Includes Organizational Alignment, Job Evaluation,
Performance Appraisal, Training & Development Assessment, Succession Planning)

Currently we offer an innovative software system that enables organizations to efficiently integrate, objectively measure and directly align management activities with corporate culture, financial objectives and strategic goals. Simply put, it identifies what must be done, how it must be done, why it is being done that way, and provides the means to get it done effectively.

The process it uses may reflect or direct how the organization defines its mission, vision and values. It communicates short, medium and long term strategic plans and facilitates the creation and alignment of organization goals and work plans at all levels.

Using an on-line questionnaire management, employees, and even customers may participate in the development and assessment of strategic competencies necessary to achieve organizational goals. Using this data the software provides for the identification and importance of job specific competencies, the creation of consistent job descriptions and the evaluation of all jobs. It also enables the creation of job postings, interview guides and work plans.

Performance appraisals of employees can be completed using reviews directly mapped to individual jobs; strategic competencies and work plan expectations are automatically incorporated. Information generated by reviews allows the analysis of individual training needs and the consolidation of organizational training needs as well as an assessment of the effectiveness of current training. The reviews also yield enough information to filter and select capable candidates for job vacancies and succession planning anywhere in the organization.

The system is modular and can be introduced completely or in part, and throughout an organization or restricted to specific levels. Linking all processes will drive high performance into the culture of an organization.