Scheduling / Time & Attendance

In addition to the integrated modular payroll product referred to above we have other systems for managing scheduling and time and attendance, as well as expense reporting and assignment/project management. These systems are powerful, very flexible, with open source software and are offered in several languages.

The scheduling system is especially effective in hospitality organizations by providing for the quick and easy building of schedules based on such factors as work description, employee skills, proficiency, availability, preference, and policy/union/regulatory guidelines. Shift ‘crews’ or work station assignments can be quickly compiled as well as identification of gaps and alternatives, and necessary approvals obtained. Employee viewing, self selection and ‘switching’ can also be provided.

The time and attendance system can provide for real time monitoring of productivity through a ‘time slip’ method of tracking which is ideally suited to project or assignment tracking and can be linked to electronic time clocks if desired. Data can be exported to spreadsheets for supervisory review. Time banks of time off entitlements are also created.